Tuesday, June 21, 2011

...And who can forget The Studebaker Center?

Opened in 1958, The Studebaker Center was the largest Studebaker dealership in Western Washington. In addition to being the biggest, they also held the contract for the fleet vehicles for the City of Seattle. The Studebaker Center moved into this building, located at 753 9th Avenue North, in Seattle, in 1958. In 1963, it held the contract for all of Seattle's official Motor Pool. It continued to sell Studebaker until 1966, when the dealership became Scott Toyota. In 1989, Frank Kenney bought the dealership, which became Kenney Toyota. The building is currently an architecture office.
From The Seattle Times, March 17, 1963

Star Studebaker, Kirkland

An assessed value card, courtesy of the Puget Sound Regional Archives.

Doxon & Son, Auburn

Images courtesy of Doxon Toyota

Monday, June 20, 2011

Frank E. Rhodes, Renton

A similar wing was added after this photograph was taken in 1954.
Above:330 Main Avenue South in 2011
This dealership sold both Nash/Rambler and Studebaker-Packard cars. In 1964, the dealership had become known as LaBonte Rambler.

Eastside Motors, Bellevue

Located in a former real estate office, at 10502 Main Street. The building is now home to Security Safe and Lock, as seen below:

Juris Motors, Cle Elum

This building was home to Juris Motor Co., a Studebaker dealership, from roughly 1920, until the mid-1960s. According to photographs from 1945 and 1955, the building was painted white. Juris Motors also sold Signal gasoline. Juris Motor Co. stopped selling Studebakers between September 1964, and September, 1965. Juris Motors occupied the building until 1973, performing general automobile repair, and towing. In 1988, the building was remodeled, for the First Street Thrift Store, and a tile awning was added The building is currently occupied by the Tuckaway Antique Mall.

Moller Motors, Snoqualmie

Moller Motors became Eastside Motors, a Chrysler dealership in 1979. A 1979 advertisement from the Seattle Times is below:

Temple Motors, Tacoma

From the Tacoma Public Library:

University Motors, Seattle

Located at 4701 Roosevelt Way Northeast, this building was home to University Studebaker from 1960-1963, and University Triumph (which also sold Studebakers) until 1970. In the 1970s, it was home to University Auto Parts.

Triangle Motor Company, Buckley

Sold Studebakers and Packards:

Burien City Garage, Burien

Built in 1946 for the Burien City Garage, this building remains very original. In 1963, the Burien City Garage recieved a Studebaker franchise.

Imperial Studebaker

Not much is known about this dealership. The building is now Phil Smart's Used Car department.

L.E. Belcourt Company, Seattle

From the Seattle Times, 1962 and 1963

L.E. Belcourt was Seattle's oldest Studebaker dealerships. Founded in 1939, it sold Studebakers until 1956, and from 1961-1966.